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Knitted with Love

It’s been almost a week, hello there!

Hope everyone’s having a great weekend, I am. It’s a lazy Sunday for me, and I can’t be too happy to have one after a busy and tiring week. It’s nice to recharge and be refreshed to get ready for another week ahead, and besides holidays are coming, I’m pretty sure everyone of us will be really busy with all the parties, reunions and preparations. So indulge!!!

For today, I am sharing with you an outfit I wear on a dinner date with my momo.


I think you kind of get how much I am loving candid shots, not that I looked prettier or something, I think it got this mystery into it, which gives you freedom to tell or interpret your own story.




Here’s another one! haha love this most, i don’t know what i am thinking the moment this was taken but now that I am looking at it, it felt like I am dreaming and wishing on the stars, inside a mall! weird, right!



So I said there will be food in this blog, so here’s one for you! From right to left,  morrocan chicken salad, classic pepperoni pizza and baked penne florentine! I can still taste all of them, CPK (California Pizza Kitchen) never fails me with their delicious food! #veryhappytummy 😀


Love the look on Ate’s face! :*
Love what the lights did to me! They let me glow!!! 😀
Little Black Dress Forever 21
Knitwear Forever 21
Flats Forever 21
Necklace From Mom
Earrings From my sister
Here’s a classic look for you, a little black dress and a cardigan. You can never go wrong with that, right? Just add in some orange beaded necklace and leopard flats for a pop of color and print. Voila, it’s done!
What do you guys think??? Post a comment and let me know your thoughts!
Photos by momo
You can hype this look on lookbook!

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