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Night at the Carnival

Few hours to go and we will all be facing another year! Aren’t you excited for what has 2015 in store for you? I am!

Honestly, I am still up for making new year’s resolution, but this year I want it to be more mature. No more “I will lose weight of __ lbs. or something like that”. For this coming year, I want to challenge myself even more, to make myself bolder, stronger and wiser.

In 2014, I have taken steps to reach my two dreams, one is a cupcake business with my sister and of course, to start my own personal blog. Both are still small but taking that risks of starting it without actually expecting much in return is really fulfilling. It’s just doing the things you want, however tired it can make you at the end of the day it will bring happiness you can’t imagine.
So with all that, I want to share with you an outfit where two of my new favorite items in my closet was matched. It’s like a matched made in heaven (OA aside).
Welcome to the Carnival! 😀



I belong! Yay!


With the host! 😀


Top and skirt from Pink Manila
Shoes from Parisian
Love Necklace from Apostrophe

I really love how my top and skirt from Pink Manila complements and balances each other. The flare skirt got all the drama and the attention, while my plaid cropped top tone my outfit down. I decided to wear nude heels and gold accessories for a more elegant look.

This outfit is perfect for a carnival themed party or actually any party for that matter. What do you think??? Love to know!!!

Also available in lookbook. 😀

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