Black and White · Buttoned Down · Chic · Classic · Forever 21 · G2000 · Grid Skirt · Laid Back · Style · White Shirt

Black and White

Buttoned down white shirt from G2000
Origami grid skirt from Forever 21
Ballet Flats from Australian
Bag from Parfois

During busy times, my go to outfits are the classics and the basics. They will never fail you, they’re safe, yes, but their classy. (lol) Like my black and white combo in this outfit. I really think that a perfectly fit buttoned down crisp white shirt can go a long way. You can style it in so many ways, not only as an office attire. It can be casual too if you add it with a pair of cut-out denim, you can sweetened it up, by pairing it with a floral midi skirt. In this outfit, I tried pairing this classic piece with a trend piece, origami grid skirt and I love it. It’s so chic and classy and laid back. There’s a lot ways I can think of. How about you? Share it with me, leave a comment. 😀

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