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Palm Trees

      Top from Landmark, Skirt from Forever 21 (overused in this blog), shades from The Ramp, Love chain necklace from A’postrophe
This is probably my favorite outfit post so far! I can think of five reasons why:
1. My outfit and the backgroud really complements each other like it was a planned shoot, but it most definitely not. It felt like I am one of the palm trees!
2. It looked and felt like my skin is glowing here (please give this to
3. I really loved the place we stayed in for a night and I think it showed in the pictures amidst the intense heat at the time we were shooting this photos.
4. I’m happy to have brought my gray apple printed top because it also matched perfectly with my favorite go-to skirt, and it provide so much ventilation since it has a hole at the back. Sadly, forgot to capture that detail.
I wore this outfit to a meeting but it can surely be worn to beach to, maybe just change to a sandals and put on some straw hat and off you go!
5. Lastly, I’m thankful to CJ who took all my photos in this post and the previous one. She couldn’t see clearly because of too much sunlight but look how the photos turned out.
What do you think? Love to know. Happy weekend! 🙂

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