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The start of many firsts

Traveling has always been one of my greatest dreams! A citizen of the world, that never fails to give butterflies in my stomach. The thought of meeting another culture, exploring places and experiencing things beyond the comfort of my home excites me. I never thought this dream would come true very soon, so I’m very thankful that I was included in my Momo’s annual family trip. The most surprising part is my first out of the country trip is in the most expensive cities to live in, the Lion City, Singapura or what is mostly known as Singapore or SG.
For our first stop, the famous and the city’s symbol, the Merlion. As it always had, the park was so packed with tourists.
Blue hat from StradivariusFloral dress from PenshoppeFringe bag from Stradivarius
Oxfords and Shades from Aldo
I’m glad they were all busy taking a picture with the Merlion, so I was able to take some pretty decent outfit shots.
With the famous Marina Bay Sands!
Here’s the group who made me realized my dreams! Thank you po! 🙂
Next stop, and my most favorite part of this trip, the Gardens by the Bay.
Oh, I can still remember the smell of the flowers! I miss it so much! This is probably one the happiest moments of my life. Being surrounded with these nature’s beauty is one of the best feeling ever.
Look, they let us be princesses and princes for our stay there! We’re also lucky to catch their Tulipmania event! I got to see different kinds and colors of tulips, it’s a magical feeling!
Here I am thinking and hoping to have at least get some of these flowers’ beauty!
Aside from housing a wide variety of flowers, they also have a man-made mountain with a built-in falls!!! How cool is that?!? Well, its really cool, so for those of you who haven’t been there, make sure to bring a jacket.
Here’s a sneak peek of our next destination. Hihi they look real, aren’t they?
A rafflesia made of lego!
Really amaze what they did here so I have to take a closer look!
Welcome to the Cloud Walk!
My favorite group picture! 😀
I was really glad to have brought an extra dress to provide an extra layer of warmth from that cloud walk! Glad I do not look weird on it. Agree?
Look! And nope I was not teleported in King’s Landing, still in SG.
The last in our itinerary for day 1 is Sentosa island. You can go back there via their MTR or by riding a cable car. We chose the latter, and thank God we did. It was so much fun, there’s so many view up above!
Someone’s real scared and nervous! 😛
Hello there Mr. Bruce!
More adrenaline, more fun! Their tagline says it all, once is really never enough!


To cap off the day, we watch the Wings of Time and it was nothing but magical too!
Truly, this day was a start of many firsts to me, not only was I able to went out of the country and explore Singapore, I got to know and bond more with Momo’s family. I am so grateful for this wonderful experience. Watch out for more of our Singapore trip in the upcoming post.
Photos by Momo (using DSLR) and I (using iPhone5s). ❤

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