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Everything is awesome


We’re now on the third installment of my SG trip, finally, one more day to go. The third day, we had a side trip to LEGOLAND, Malaysia which marked the completion of my happy kiddie trip. I think it’s really nice and healthy to reconnect to that kid inside, makes you feel young and when you do it will naturally comes outside.
There are a lot of pictures on this day trip but I don’t want to bombard you with my cuteness, so I hope the photos above has made you want to go and visit LEGOLAND (it keeps capitalizing, why o why?). I really suggest it to families with little kids because their rides were all child friendly, no dreadful and nauseous feeling after. The Imagination land allows kids to create their own cars out of lego and there is also the Einstein room, (it was fully booked when we get there, so be sure to reserve your time before checking the other site) I bet it will let you create things only your imagination can perceive.
Now, let’s discuss my outfit, I honestly planned what to wear in this trip ahead of time, my major considerations are the weather and the activities. For this day, I bravely worn a cropped laced top and match it with a high-waist shorts to minimize any skin and tummy exposure! 😛 See, I know I don’t have the flattest tummy, but with proper matching, you can still wear whatever you want and still look chic and stylish. Also, it’s summer so I think everybody will forgive you for wearing a cropped top, anyway, you just want to enjoy the sun with enough ventilation, right? Just always remember to have a balance in your outfit. As to the color of my outfit, I go for complimentary colors, primary color blue and its secondary colors, green and purple.
Hope you had fun browsing through the photos and learn a thing or two.
‘Til the next one. See yah around! 😀

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