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Rainy days just started in the Philippines but looking back in my photos of Kandaya makes me want to wish summer would be longer so I can have more beach trips like this. I must say that Kandaya captured my heart, and I probably have left it there, I’m not quite sure. Lol.
You know what they say that happiness of a trip relies on your company. That wherever you go as long as you’re with your favorite people will be the best trip always. Well, this place has that made me think twice. I was here for a business / pleasure trip which means, I might probably with some of my boss, and other stakeholders I need to work with. This place makes me not bother whose company I’m with, the comfort, the serenity and the happiness it gives me is overflowing that a company became irrelevant to me. The introvert inside me is jumping in joy! You think I’m  exaggerating, browse the photos below to see what I mean.
I cannot help myself from taking a #selfie.
The interiors are elegant and got a home-y feeling. I love that it does not have the feel of a high rise hotel, it’s just a two-storey house that has big rooms in it!
Now, this is my room. I really had a dilemma of exploring the place and staying under the sun or just staying in my room. I want this room!!!
Floral dress from
Sandals from Payless
Shades from Aldo
I highly suggest this place on your next vacation trip. The services are top-notch, the food is hearty and delightful, the whole place shouts luxury, comfort, and home! A 5 out of 5 rating! Book now!!!

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