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Blue Universe

High-low top from Bazaar, Color blotted skirt from Penshoppe, Sandals from Payless,
Bag from Parfois, Red lips by Avon
I have always find comfort wearing clothes in blue, simply because it’s cool in the eye and it’s my favorite color. So during the days when I’m running out of ideas on what to wear and my basic clothes are all in the laundry, I always opt for something blue, like this ensemble. This look is inspired with the current fashion trend today, co-ords or coordinate outfit. This is not a one piece cut in two outfit (current co-ords trend) but I believe totally I achieve the look. The key is simple, make sure that your top and bottom coordinates with each other like they are a one piece, no need to buy new clothes. ^____^  Have fun coordinating your outfits!!!

2 thoughts on “Blue Universe

  1. Blue used to be my favorite color back then! You look great in blue I must say! gustong gusto ko ang skirt mo! hihi <3

    Thanks for dropping by my blog Aizha! <3



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