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Color your life!

When I feel lost or down or depress or any other word to describe a negative emotion, my refuge would usually to pray, to talk to my bestfriend and to read a good book, exactly in that order. This three combination calms me and makes me think clearly. It helps me to stop thinking, to listen and to learn.
In this post, I would want to focus on the last part of the combination which is reading a good book. (Obviously, I wouldn’t be in a bookstore if we will not talk about that right? Lol.) Since I was a kid, I have learned that reading books can take you to places you never been to or would never imagine. Well, for my experience, it will not only take you places but also makes you believe in something, makes you be someone, and gives color to your life. This transformation may happen in reading just one book and goes further if you read more and more and more, until it became an addiction. (this is not limited to fiction, self-help and inspiring books, even self-help could be textbook too) I would probably say that this is the kind of addiction that is good for you.
As for me, I could not say that I am in the stage where I can consider myself a wide reader so definitely not a book addict. But the solace I find in reading books is enough reason to not stop. This always gives a new perception and color to my life!
So go ahead and pick any book you find amusing, be it by the cover of the book or the synopsis found at the back. Just start somewhere (just like in any other things) and you will surely thank yourself after!!!
P.S. I have been into non-fiction books lately, and currently I can’t stop reading this famous novel which is also motion picture, Eat, Pray, Love! Will probably blog about it soon! ❤
Bodycon dress worn as a tank top from Forever 21, Plaid skort from Lola & Daisies, Sneakers from Keds, Bag from Parfois
P.S.S I love the Fully Booked, Promenade branch, they got wide selection of books! And, don’t you just love my plaid skort, I always wanted one! ❤
This look is available in lookbook and chictopia!

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