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I’m turning 25 tomorrow and yes a little wine would probably be necessary, as this chapter means I’ve reached a quarter of my life (assuming I live a healthy life and die at 100). If you’re into social media lately, you’d probably heard of a quarter life crisis. I think its crap! I think that this happens if you allow it to sink into your mind. Trust me, I am there now. But I wouldn’t call it crisis, it’s just a moment to stop and think your life through as you might feel a you’ve reached a milestone in your life and has to be this and that or have this and that. Sorry to disappoint you my friend, but this stage is not yet a milestone, but a chance, (again) for you to rethink your options in life, evaluate your decisions and make adjustments if necessary. After all you’re only 25, you still have 5 years to 30 to not screw it up!
So I encouraged you to take that course you always feel that you’re good at or love; take that cooking class and try to earn for it; just follow what your heart and mind tells you! They say it will make you feel better and this will come out of your work. I say do whatever you felt good and be awesome and great about it! Don’t hold back, this is your life (but don’t forget to account for the consequences to avoid surprises)!
For me, the start of this celebration, as you would know is a delicious dinner! Thanks Itallianis for making the other night special!!!
Blazer, Cropped top and Printed Pencil Skirt from Forever 21, Pink Sandals from Zalora, Bag from Parfois
P.S. The blur will always be there, just make sure to focus on the certainty you can see and the beauty it has to offer!
– A

2 thoughts on “Pure Awesomeness

  1. I still have two years to a quarter and I hope ang two years na yun would be fruitful! Haha. Advance happy birthday to you Aizha! <3

    P.S. bet ko ang skirt mo! Haha

    xx, J


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