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Yes, the awkward posing girl is 25 years old! Do you agree? Hah! Anyway, I just want to share with you how I celebrated my birthday this year. It was simple, fun and most importantly with family, friends and loved ones.

So a day before my actual birthday, my sister cooked an almost buffet lunch at home and we just invited few friends to come over. Everybody was more than satisfied with their lunch. Here’s what I’m talking about, and prepare to be hungry! It’s a potluck pinoy food but all cooked by my sister.

We also have a cake from Now Baking! Yes, my sister and I have the same birthday. My cake was a banana with cream cheese frosting and my sister’s was a decadent chocolate cake! The cakes were a hit as well!

Closer look on the cake!
I don’t want anything grand for my birthday, I just want to have some R&R within the city since I have a business trip the following day. So I found myself at the eve of my birthday, enjoying some hot bath at Richmone Hotel. I got this awesome deal from Asia Travel, I booked my reservation just a day before my actual stay and everything went well. I couldn’t be any happier!
I think there’s really a point in your life when you just want something peaceful and quiet. Some time to think things through and just be by yourself.
Another awkward pose! =D

After my staycation, we treat the kids and kids at heart for some fun time at our go to place, Kidzoona! It’s always like our first time when we are there. Here are some photos where the kids are playing adults, as a baker, seller, sushi maker and as a customer. Enjoy! ❤

Never forget to celebrate life, this is the greatest gift we have! Enjoy!


PS It is currently raining cats and dogs in Metro Manila, so keep safe everyone!!! If you can stay indoors. please do so!

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