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Travel Diaries: A Taste of Paradise (Day 1 at Boracay)

Boracay is one of the best beaches in the Philippines and in the world, so they say. The fine white sand and the long and wide shores probably accounts for that. A lot of tourists, locals and foreigner visit the island all year round. You probably went there a couple of times by now, well for me, I went there for the first time last month as a treat for 25 years of existence. And here’s my own account of this island they called paradise.
So, we were really early at the airport and as a prize for that we were placed on an earlier flight, which means more time at the paradise. I planned to take an airport outfit shot but because our flight was moved then a selfie was the best we could do. We’re really excited, it may not be obvious but we really are!
Here’s the plane we rode to, it’s a small plane and it’s my first time to ride one. I am pretty scared but well I’m still alive writing about it. Hooray! It was actually a pretty cool feeling, though.
After that, there was a tricyle ride from the airport, then we went sailing from Caticlan port to Boracay, and another tricycle ride, and we reached our hotel!
Sail boats
We took another selfie right after we checked in. Boracay truly is a paradise! But I must say, it is also pretty crowded, probably overpopulated at some point of the day. Another but, well, with all these people crowding the place, the place still stands out on its own.
Yes, I went on a tricycle ride in this outfit. Don’t judge! Let me just share with you, this staircase to our hotel room is probably one of the most photographed place next to the beach in Station 2. Good thing there’s another place to go to the beach. 😀
Black & White

I want to be fully covered because the flight might be pretty chilly but not too covered, hence the sheer skirt. I also want to look not overly prepared on going to Boracay, you know, like “Oh no biggie, I’m just going to Boracay” kind of outfit! So I went for a classic and dramatic look, a white shirt, a maxi skirt and some pearl necklace. How’d you like it? Did I achieve my goal?

HM White Shirt and Sheer Maxi Skirt
Shirt and maxi skirt from H&M, Bucket bag from Stradivarius, Pearls from Girl Shoppe, Sandals from Payless
I Love Boracay

Obviously, we did the most touristy photo we can have on the first day! We also had some hat shopping!

I told you we’re really happy!!!
yellow and white stripes
More beach photos coming up. ‘Til the next one!

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