Things I want to Be and Achieve this 2016

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We’re halfway through January, so before this first month of the year flies before our eyes, I want to share with you all some things I want to be and achieve this 2016. As you were all aware of based on my previous post, I’m an expecting mom and have entered the married life, my priorities needed some re-adjustmens, some may probably change or to be postponed on a later date and some new goals were also considered. Here goes my list:

1. To be a cool and protective mom.
    –  Even as a kid, I know someday that I wanted to be a mom. Not the strict and tiger mom but the cool and supportive mom like what i have experienced for myself, and at the same time a protective one, too. I want to be both her guide and her bestfriend. We don’t know the gender yet, but I am hoping its a girl (peace Momo! XP) Aside from that, if my baby will be a girl, I am really looking forward to dressing her up. Well, I would still dress him if he was a boy but the joy of dressing up a girl is, honestly incomparable. So watch out for my baby’s outfit post here in the blog.

2. To create a house that will be a home of love and God
– We’re about to have our own place in a few months, and since last year I am planning on how each section of our little home would look like. I want it to be chic, cozy and very home-y. I can’t wait to get my hands on it. Also, since I’m already part of the homemakers of the world, I will do my best to fill our home with joy and make God the center of it.

3. Visit at least three new places and travel at least once with your new family.
– I’m keeping my travel plans achievable and practical. New moms out there would probably share the same sentiments, it’s possible to travel with your newborn but it’s really hard so

4. Be a mentor and a teacher.
– I know there’s more that I need to experience in this life to be a better mentor and teacher, but if in case someone needed my advise on something or an ear to listen to their problems; I would gladly spare a few of my times.I am really concern about how other people thinks, and probably by mentoring a few, I would help make our world better to live in.

5. Feed your soul with excellence
    – This goes for my work, my family, my individuality and this blog. I promise to be productive and deliver excellence in everything I do, even during my laziest days. I love lazy weekends, but when this year started, I want my weekends to be as productive as my workdays. It could be reading a book, planning my week ahead, a weekend project, going somewhere new or drafting a blog post.

     For the blog, and yes, this requires a separate paragraph, I will do my best to be consistent in my entries and I would really want a blog design overhaul. Calling for help here, I hope someone out there could help me with this goal. Thank you in advance!

Well, that’s it for now, I don’t want to set too much goals. But I believe, these goals are very achievable and is not limited to this year only. I would update this list as soon as I think of a new goal. How about you have you set any goals this year? I’m sure you did, share it with me on the comments below.

Love always,
~ A

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