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This photo represents exactly why I have been on hiatus on this blog, my pregnancy. I missed blogging and writing so much but most of my little free time are spent resting, just doing nothing. So today since I have little bit more free time and also some energy, I am taking advantage of it.
Let me just update you on my life these days. I am still working on an 8am to 5pm shift with a little overtime work on some days. When I’m at home, I changed my hat to that of a wife and cooked dinner for me and Momo (the “husband”). Then, the few hours left at night where as I’ve said mostly spent resting and/or spending time with Momo or if there’s more energy left, I can read a few pages on my pregnancy book, and go to sleep. This is basically my weekday routine, I am awake and on the go for at least 14 hours of each day carrying this little human inside me wherever I go, so yeah, it’s really exhausting and tiring.
What’s even making me more exhausted is the energy that this little human has, he really loves to move, sometimes it felt like there’s two little human inside me. Lol. Also, the fact that this little human has a favorite spot inside me gives me discomfort which is really consuming. But let me tell you this, I.AM.NOT.COMPLAINING. It gives me so much joy whenever he moves (even if its too much), because with that I know he is still alive and it makes me thinks that he’s happy inside me.
Weekends, well based on these past weekends, are spent on doctor’s appointment and attending classes on parenting, breastfeeding, and other baby/pregnancy related topics. I am really grateful on weekends where I got to attend these classes, they’re free and they’re very informative. It’s really helpful for a first time mom like me. Plus, there are added bonuses because we got to have freebies from the sponsors at the end of each session. I would share my learnings from these classes on another post, soon ^.~. We are also doing some shopping in preparation for the big day, there are so many items that we still need to prepare and buy. And when I’m not doing all of this, I’m just resting, pregnant women need all the rest they can have. Because sometimes even talking can make us tired, or is it just me? Anyone?
So there you go, my life in a few sentences. It may seem boring and nothing compared to jet-setters but I tell you it’s really a lot and so much more. The most important part of any life or journey you chose to take is enjoying every bit of it, even the tiniest ones. Go ahead and enjoy life! You deserve it, we all do!
~ A
P.S. The little human did some kicking during this photoshoot, seems like we have a celebrity in the making.

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