maxi dress+white sneakers+zalora+converse+red lips+revlon
Maxi dress from Zalora, White Sneakers from Converse, Sling Bag from Ayla, Red lips by Revlon


Do you ever had those days when getting out of bed requires a million effort to do so? Well, that is me almost everyday, oh the feeling of being separated from your bed is really unbearable these days. But then, getting out of bed is just the first task, you also need to make your bed, take a shower, dress up and make yourself up. Thank you Fashion god for making the minimal look on trend today!!! Now I can get away with this grey maxi dress and a pair of sneakers; and still be considered stylish. Just add a pop of lip color and off I go.

How’s that for a 5-minute dressing time?

How about you? What is your go to lazy dressing/style? Are you also into minimal look? I would love to know!


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