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Travel Diaries: Bisita Iglesia 2016

Forgive my face, the heat and these people stated to get into me. Lol.
The list of the things I need to think about and prepare goes longer each day. From birthing plan, hospital bag, moving in, home decorations, work turn-overs, bi-weekly check-ups, and it goes on and on and on. It’s tiring just even thinking about it, so a quick getaway from the city during the Holy week really helps to keep my mind of these things, even for a little while and also I was able to reflect on my life, too. Sharing with you some outfit photos and the beautiful churches we visited during “bisita Iglesia”.
We visited churches in Tagaytay like the Pink Sisters, St. Michael and in Batangas like the Caleruega, and a few more others, which names I cannot remember, sorry, its the hormones. They have beautiful churches around this area, vintage, rustic and ancient looking churches surrounded by pine trees and lovely flowers (as seeen in the photos above).  I almost did not feel that I’m sacrificing anything to finish the mysteries because of the sceneries we had.
But a quick tip, if you’re planning to visit these churches next holy week, be sure to bring a lot of patience with the tons of people you will be encountering, especially if you are an introvert like me. Also, don’t forget to wear something comfortable and easy breezy. There would be a lot of walking and sweating. Be sure to be stylish as well, to not ruin the beautiful backdrops you will have. 🙂
All in all, this experience has been very fulfilling, and rewarding. Hope my photos above can attest to that.

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