A is Mrs. S

It’s been a hundred and two days since my last blog post, whoa, that long, huh. But I tell you I am not at all sorry for not having the time to have an entry on those more than three months, as I have been focusing all my energy, time and effort to my newborn, now two-months old baby boy whom I love so dearly and creating a happy and cozy home for my family. Family life really change your priorities in life. And can you blame me if I give all my time to my son who is such a cutie and really turning out to be a smart one. Here’s a picture of my bouncing beautiful and now playful Sebastian Niklaus, we were actually talking while I took this photo.

So this week, I went back to work after my two months maternity leave. I decided to follow the suggestion provided during one of the parenting and childbirth class I attended at The Medical City, which is to go back to work on a Wednesday, in that way, your little one would not miss you so much and so do you. Another preparation I did before going back to work is to establish a daily routine with my little one because I read in so many articles that babies love them, our routine goes as follows:
MORNING: We would wake up like 5 in the morning which he is very much happy to obliged with, we feed a little, play some and talk more; then I gave him a bath which he definitely look forward to and talk and play again.
LUNCH: Since we live nearby my workplace, I decided to have lunch at home so we can have one more bonding  time. For the past three days, Niklaus would really wake up and make time to play and talk with me. My dear boy is really such a sweetheart.
AFTER OFFICE HOURS: I managed to went out in the office at 5 in the afternoon, and then straight home. After cleaning myself up, I took over the caring of my dear Niklaus from the nanny. Our activities at night involved cleaning him up again for bed time, a lot of talking and playing, feeding and currently, soothing his cries and getting him to sleep, which I tell you does not come easy this past week. But all this experience and the opportunity to sooth and put him to bed, I think, will help us to be closer to each other even more.
This routine is very new to us, including having a nanny around. I know Niklaus and I are adjusting to this new set-up, the one where mommy is not around all day, especially him since he only know a few person. So I made sure that during those time that I am with him, there is a tiny or no intervention at all from the nanny, to establish that those time are time with mommy.
I really really hope that this will all work out and I pray that I can keep up with the routine considering the workload I will be having in the coming months. My only fear when the routine fails or if it will not be sustain is that my dear Niklaus will forget me and love the nanny more than I. I really hope that would not come to that as just thinking about it already breaks my heart and me into a gazillion pieces. Aside from sustaining this routine, I will make sure to give my baby quality time we both deserve. Right now, my mantra is ‘quality over quantity’.
If there’s a new mom like me who will read this post, I hope somehow I would be of help even in the tiniest way and for all those seasoned mommy reader, hope you can leave a comment on any suggestions to us new moms who need to work leaving their baby to a nanny. Would love to hear from you and I’m in dire need of ways to make this work!
Nobody say this will be easy and I tell you, it’s not but I’m keeping the faith.
~ A

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