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BabyMama: My tiny haven

babymama, babymamaph, online store, bloggersph, feedback, happy mom
Maybe you’re tired of reading this from my blog, but my current challenge is really juggling work and caring for my baby, especially with time management and making myself energetic to be both a career woman and a hands-on mom. So imagine my happiness when I found out about BabyMama, an online store who sells breast pumps, lactation aids, nursing cover, baby wearing, and a whole lot basic things that I should say a mom should have.
What I like about BabyMama, aside from it being an online store is that they also have an actual store near my office, that’s actually a total plus for me. I actually went there twice already, the last one was when I bought my Saya SSK Baby Carrier where I was able to do a fitting of it. Another point is the ambient of their store, which felt very comfortable, it’s like a haven for baby and mom things. Check out the few photos I got of the store. They have good service as well, I guess, as compared to the mall, their focus is all on you. They also have affordable products and quality ones.
This is definitely not a sponsored post, but to moms out there who works around Ortigas or just looking for quality stuffs for you and your baby, go check-out BabyMama. I know you’ll have same satisfaction as I have. And probably even a delightful one!
Enjoy shopping!
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babymama, babymamaph, online store, bloggersph, feedback, happy mom


babymama, babymamaph, online store, bloggersph, feedback, happy mom
My son had his first laugh today with sounds while we are playing with him. Oh, what a great day it is! Happy Sunday y’all!


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