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26 in 2016

Drafting this post in my head, I thought I should write something about quarter life, then I stopped and thought for a title and realize it was 2016, ergo I’m no longer 25 years old. Oh how time flies so fast, where did it go?!? Just in this photo alone, you’ll probably ask what I’ve been doing and how much I’ve been eating, too. Haha!
Well, lo and behold, motherhood hits me big time, in a good and weigh gaining way. I may have gained a lot of pounds a long the way but there’s a lot I am really thankful for the past year of my quarter life.
1. My bundle of joy, Niklaus
   I guess when we talk about something that I’m grateful for, Niklaus will always top the list. He really is my bundle of joy, especially now that he has more awake time and that means play and talk time. It’s funny how he gets bored and sad when you don’t talk and play with him while he’s awake. What a cutie! He is also starting to be a social animal, talking with people he just met. Oh, I am just full of thanks for his health and continuous growth and development. Here’s our first mother and son outfit shots.
On Niklaus: Carter’s Polo Shirt Romper and socks
On A: Zalora Grid Aline Dress, Converse White Sneakers, Broadway Gems Choker
2. To my support system
    Of course, my number one supporter now is my dear husband, then my mom will always comes second, then my ever extending family, with my sister’s and my husband’s. Great mature friends, supportive co-workers and my trustworthy nanny *fingers crossed*. Really, this new journey of raising a child really takes a village, and I’m glad I have these people I can rely on.
3.  Wisdom and life’s lesson
     I have always been an observer, a keen one I might say. Just with observing and watching people, hearing their stories, I learn things about what to avoid and better ways of living your life. But now I can proudly say that what I am learning came from my own experiences, not that I don’t have any before, it’s just that now I am experiencing more than my own life. The wisdom and lesson it gives me is just overwhelming.
4. Life of A
    The passion I have for this blog really comes out of my own necessity, not financially or be famous but to express myself and connect with people who may be similar with me. Sometimes, to add a little positivity to the world, some inspiration or guidanc. Writing has always been my outlet, so whether there is only one reader out there, I would still continue to write and blog about my life and some random things I find interesting and beautiful.
5. Internet feature
    Last on the list, on the day of my birthday or probably a day later, my little son’s instagram photos got sort of feature in Carters.com. I have never been feature in anything so you would imagine my joy when they ask permission to feature his photo, now photos. Can’t wait for more features on my little one.


Don’t forget to give thanks!

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