The Spectrum Birthday Buffet Experience at Raffles Hotel


If you’re planning to treat your family to a buffet this weekend, I suggest you try out the Spectrum, Raffles Hotel. Two weeks ago, in celebration of Nanay’s (my mother-in-law) birthday, we had a delightful fancy lunch at Spectrum. I was very lucky to have the same birth month with Nanay, I got to tag along with her buffet treat in a fancy hotel and got this delectable chocolate mouse cake oozing with exciting and delicious toppings.
Aside from getting a treat for my birthday, here are the reasons why Spectrum buffet is a must try:
1. Ambience
    Did I mention it’s fancy? Haha. Sorry to be redundant, but I really fell in love with their interior decorations, like those thousand crystals of chandelier below. I must say, every part of their lobby and lounge are instagramable. I am so inlove on how they turn their lounge into a little library with those bookshelves!!! Aside from the hotel lounge, the Spectrum offers a very spacious area for eating. I love how the relaxing the ambience is on the restaurant. With the spacious are, the restaurant is very family friendly even for kids, we were a party of thirteen and we felt at ease in our stay there.
This photo got 100+ likes in my instagram account, it’s a first for me! haha
2. Food
    Spectrum offers an international dining experience, cuisines ranging from Filipino, Chinese, European, Middle Eastern and Japanese. I didn’t get to try every dish, but those that I tried makes me gastronomically happy.  Their selection of desserts are something to look forward to, from cupcakes, cakes, rice cakes, chocolates, ice cream, yogurt… ahh, my sweet tooth is very satisfied indeed! After all those eating, you would want some hot tea or coffee, well the good thing is it’s part of what you paid for!


3. Service
    They have an outstanding service, their staff are very attentive to our needs!

4. Promos
    They offer big discounts for big groups like ours.  
Happy customers!

Considering all the above, I really think that it’s totally worth a try! Let me know how it goes with you. Enjoy!

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