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STYLING 101: Wide-Leg Pants

Mango black blouse
Uniqlo wide-leg pants
Forever 21 animal print flats
The SM Store pearls
Hello there! It’s a long weekend here in our country so I was able to squeeze in some time for a blog post. Voila, I present to you another series of Styling 101. I can’t believe I will be able to have another post for this series as I have been in the downside of dressing up as almost every clothes in my closet won’t fit the way it should. Also, I don’t have plans of shopping new clothes for work as I have high hopes of losing weight. Haha!
Thankfully, I got this wide-leg pants for my birthday from HGLF; which I totally love the moment I unwrap it. Thanks again you guys!
I know I said how I loved the pants at first sight, but I literally had no idea what could I pair with it which excites me more. In this outfit, I chose some classic pieces to pair with it, like my black blouse, some layered pearls and my ever trust-worthy leopard print flats for some pop in it. I love about how this outfit turned out, (1) since I’m wearing flats, I was able to wear my pants high-wasted which accentuate the remaining curves I have and hide some back fat, lol; (2) the effect of high-waist give an illusion of an extra centimeter even if I’m wearing flats; and lastly, (3) I look very stylish and still has full comfort wearing this outfit.
Hope you also like how I style this wide-leg pants. I have fun styling it and in the process I discovered how it matched me. Have a great weekend!

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