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Our little house is one of the biggest project I am working on. I may have shared with you in a previous post on the timing of our move in and my delivery date, wherein two weeks after we move in to our house, we need to rush in to the hospital as I was getting regular contractions and few hours after that my little boy is out in this world. Yipee!!!
Anyway, because of that, we did not have the time to actually decorate and finish the furnishing of our little home; what we were able to manage in that two weeks time are only the necessities. They were enough to keep us asleep at night and relaxed during weekends. But when stress hit me, and these days, that literally meant almost everyday, I really need some place that is more than comfortable. So one time when we were grocery shopping, I decided to buy these indoor plants.
1. Aloe vera
    Aside from its curing benefit for burns, rashes and cuts, I bought this because I read somewhere that it absorbs the odor in the air and cleanse it. Now that I read what I just type, I realize that all plants has that function where they turn carbon dioxide into oxygen. Hahaha. Well, it’s really cute.
2. Cactus
    Another succulent plant, this plant speaks to me so I just bought it. I love the shape and size of it. 😉
I’m still looking forward to adding more indoor plants to the different corners of our house, they are really calming. Sometimes, when the cuteness of my son is not enough to keep me sane, I just look at these corner of the house and somehow I will think better.
This corner of our house is probably my most favorite part, I love how the color of the pots matches with my copper candle holder, it felt like fall to me. This is also the only part of our house that I’m proud enough to share here in the blog. Will keep you updated for the next improvement of our little house.
How about you, what projects are you working on? I would love to know!




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