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Mommy A’s Tips: Baby Skin Care

When my son decided to finally pop, we were still actually getting ready with our hospital bag. I have brands in mind as to what baby products to use but still unsure of. Good thing, the hospital where I deliver Little N has a baby kit included in their maternity care. It’s like an instant list of hospital-approved baby products. What they provided for baby wash was the Lactacyd top-to-toe wash which is really good, as there was no reaction from my baby’s skin. Once we used up the hospital supply, for the reason I can’t recall, we switched to another brand i.e, Johnsons & Johnsons. The safe for babies they claim did not really work for us. After using it for days, we found ourselves lined up in a pediatrician’s clinic.
Based from my six month’s experience with my son who has a really sensitive skin, I am sharing with you the list of skin care we have that are all approved by our pediatrician. If you would follow the same regimen, please be sure to consult this with your pediatrician.


    When we decided that the rash filling up Little N’s skin is beyond normal, I already have an idea that the doctor will suggest using Cetaphil. I personally used this cleanser during season where my skin got sensitive. After several days of use, the rash cleared up and my son’s skin is now lighter and smoother. You may be concerned with the paraben on Cetaphil but there’s no extensive study on this yet and I did a little research that it helps in treating contact dermatitis which my son has.


    I was very hesitant to apply this to my son because in my mind, it will make his skin sticky and so will make him uncomfortable. So, yeah, I did not follow the doctor’s instructions right away. But, after days of applying aceite de manzanilla (chamomile oil), I noticed that his skin dried up and got really rough, that’s when I decided to use this cream, and honestly speaking, it works wonders, just with one application my son’s skin got smooth again.
    This was prescribed to us by one pediatrician we consulted and approved by our own pediatrician. It instantly treats the rashes after one use and prevents the rashes from coming back, one happy mama right here!
    This is the miracle that helps clear the rashes out of my son’s face, neck and armpit. It is the mildest form of steroids and I have been assured by my pediatrician not only once or twice but thrice. When you heard steroids, you just have to be sure that it’s safe to be used on your baby. Need I say more?
Honestly speaking, the above skin care regimen is a bit price-y but making my baby’s stay in this world comfortable and more enjoyable is much more important than anything He would probably hate me for sharing these photos but I hope he’ll understand the reason why, here are some photos on the effects of the regimen we have in place.







2 thoughts on “Mommy A’s Tips: Baby Skin Care

  1. Hi mommy, sana mabasa nyo pa po ito. Tanong ko lang po sana kung magkano yung Cetaphil Moisturizing Cream? Hindi pala ganyan yung nabili namin. Huhu. Sabi kasi nung pedia nya moisturizing lotion eh kaya yung kulay green yung nabili namin. Grabe mahal pa naman. Kaya siguro lumala yung rashes ng lo ko and naiiritate sya. :((


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