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Japanese food always has a special place in my heart, how not to love ramen, sushi, maki, teppanyaki, miso soup, gohan (yes, I love their rice) and so many more! I was really happy that more and more Japanese restaurants were opening up near our area. This particular restaurant that we try a few weeks ago was Yayoi Teishoku Restaurant. Teishoku is a type of Japanese set meal, where all of the dishes in the course are served together as a set. Teishoku dining is based on the ichiju-issai (or “one soup, one side”) traditional meals offered at Zen temples, which included a main, soup, rice, and pickles (definition from  

I tried the Teriyaki Salmon Teishoku, the set menu consist of miso soup, tamago, pickled raddish, mixed greens with special salad dressing and gohan. There was nothing special on th miso soup, tamago and pickled, just the usual taste. I love the special salad dressing, forgot to ask what it’s called sorry. For the Salmon Teriyaki, it is perfectly cooked for my preference. I love how light the teriyaki sauce, it’s not overpowering so you can really taste the flavor of the salmon.

Momo tried the Teriyaki Chicken Teishoku, they have the same sides. Of course, I have a bite and it was very tender. They use the same teriyaki sauce, too.

In terms of prices of the set menu, they are a bit price-y compared to other bento/teishoku meals. For the serving, I find it filling enough for a lunch. The restaurant is well-lighted, but not too spacious, I was struggling to fit in my son’s things on the couch.

Try it out for yourself, currently they only have one restaurant which is in SM Megamall.



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