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Top from IORA, Shoes from Auztralian at RDS, Tote bag from Mango          
I used to love every color and thankfully they complement me, I think. Lately, due to the changes in my body, I found myself avoiding certain colors that will make me look like Mommy Pig i.e., Peppa Pig’s mom. Haha. (Sorry for the reference but it’s been my son’s favorite.) An instance is the color of the top I’m wearing in this outfit, a.k.a the color of the year. It took me a lot of courage and creativity to wear it and make sure that people will not make any references to Mommy Pig when they see me.

Since this color screams “lady” to me, I decided to go for that look. I paired it with my black chiffon midi skirt to add a dramatic vibe to my basic top. I finish my look by wearing my layered pearls or what is famously know in the office as the madame pearls and a pair of pastel heels. I love how this combination turned out, very lady-like indeed.

What do you think of this look? Let me know in the comment section below, I’d love to know! Thanks!


P.S. My husband still thinks I look like Mommy pig wearing this color, but who cares, as long as I feel good about it.
P.S.S Sharing you links of black skirt that gives the same dramatic vibe like the one I’m wearing.

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