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I planned on posting this on the first day of the year but couldn’t make it so my draft introduction does not apply anymore. As it always is, my first work week of the year has always been busy and this year it didn’t fail my expectations. 
By the way, my previous introduction is supposed to go like this: “My phone is on its own holiday vacation since yesterday. It is currently buried in a pile of rice grain to dry out the water that sips inside it. I don’t know how I feel about it because I honestly think that checking on my phone was becoming a habit. So maybe, it was really a sort of intervention from above that my phone got all wet, oh, I miss it badly.” It’s better now, all dry. Thank God, as I don’t still have a budget to replace it. With this, I got some spare time to somehow reflect on the past year. 
So here is an assessment of my last year’s goals, I tried really hard to be objective:
1.       To be a cool and protective mom. – I know there’s still a lot I need to learn, but as early as now, I’m practicing to be this kind of mom. I want him to figure out things on his own and only help him if he asks me to, which he already knows how. I can see that he is really a smart one.
2.       To create a house that will be a home of love and God – This is still a work in progress but I love the new additions we have in our house. Will share it soon on the blog, once they are all presentable. Can’t wait to have it all done this year. 
3.       Visit at least three new places and travel at least once with your new family. – This one is something I should work on more this year. I have some new food finds but the adventure part with a baby is something my husband and I need to work on.
4.       Be a mentor and a teacher. – I’ve been a bad teacher, but hopefully through motherhood I’ll be better.
5.       Feed your soul with excellence – I have attended a few seminars and trainings this year about personal development but haven’t really applied the relevant principles I learned. So I guess, this year is the time to do so.
Again, this is not a new year’s resolution, and setting goals should not be limited at the beginning of the year. It may be a force of habit, setting goals at the beginning of the year for me is refreshing and a sign of people having faith that good things will come their way. So, I’ll make sure to have one at the beginning of every year.
In addition to the things I still need to work on based on my 2016 goals, what I want to achieve this year are as follows:
1.       Achieve my pre-pregnant weight – A lot of people has told me that breastfeeding will definitely help you lose pounds, but lo and behold, and I’m not proud to say this, but it seems that after I delivered Little N, the pounds I gained during pregnancy never shed and sad to say, more has been gained. So yeah, this is on top of my list. I need to be healthy and fit again, soon, my son will be walking and running; and I want to be able to catch up with him.
2.       Read at least five books this year – And hopefully more. Nothing specific, it could be fiction or non-fiction. While doing moderation in my regular food intake, I need to have more food for my brain.
3.       Learn Spanish – I really want to. It’s too bad that our college curriculum did not have this anymore. But, I’ll try to do it online and later on, maybe, enroll in a short course. Haha, let’s see. I’m excited.
4.       Reconnect with friends – Dear friends, this my short open letter to you. I have not forgotten you all; I am just in phase in my life where my family and work demands most of time. But please keep in mind that I long to have conversations with you, to laugh with you and have new experiences with you. Hopefully, our schedules will be more agreeable this year.
5.       Create more memories with my family – Maybe, a little bit more adventure, other than grocery shopping and strolling the malls near our house. Haha. More parks, more nature trips.
6.       Blog more consistently – Due to the intervention, I had last week (on my iphone), there was a point where I want to totally unplugged, delete my account and stop blogging or micro-blogging. I was really stressed out because; I have never achieved any goals I set for my blog. But then, I stopped thinking and remind myself on why I am blogging. It’s not really for anyone, it’s for me. Blogging has been my outlet. So, I told myself that I shouldn’t be stressed out because blogging should help me distress and not otherwise.
Since this is what blogging is doing to me, I want to do it more, but no pressure self. Just take it one at a time.
There goes my list, it’s kind of a long list but hopefully with the help from above, I will be able to achieve them. Let’s claim this year of the Lord as a success!
Happy New Year everyone!

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