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Better than Stress Balls

Last Thursday night, I had what I would probably called a near-to-death experience. I was walking on my way home from work, on top of my emotions. I tried my best to gather and fight my emotions as I didn’t want to get any attention to myself. But then instead of keeping myself together, I found myself gasping for breath, unable to open my mouth and was about to choke to death. I felt a tightening on the muscle of my throat, so I panic instantly.
I thought of stopping, so I can sit down and relax, but, again, that would attract some attention so I continued walking and, instead, filled my thoughts with my son and our family.  These thoughts helped me calm down and I managed to breathe deeply and little by little, my throat relaxes and the air finally went in. The breathing did not feel natural at instant but I’m not struggling anymore.
I was able to get to the grocery alive. I’ve got a few on my list for our dinner, but ended up getting more on my list. Filling up may cart gave me comfort and relief. This had proved what we all know that shopping will melt your stress away, in my case grocery shopping. It made me feel better, so I went home.
There it was waiting for me, my favorite little human, my son. Eagerly approaching toward the door with the help of his walker and ready to give me a kiss and a hug. What a sweet boy! All the pain and heavy emotions finally melts away, and I was happy. I am happy, again. However bad my day was, it ended sweetly because of this little human who is filled with happiness and curiosity.
I am so grateful to the Lord for keeping me alive, for my son and our family. Whatever plans He has for me in this new life, I am ready to take action.
The next day, I decided to visit a doctor just to be sure that nothing serious happened to me. The doctor interviewed me a little and did a regular physical checkup, And it was cleared! I am a healthy mama. The tightening of the muscle on my throat, i.e., laryngospasm is actually cause by the strong emotions I had that night. Stress and strong negative emotions can really make you sick. So, the doctor’s advice is to go shopping like four times on the consultation; and to focus on what’s important, and don’t give so much fuss about those things that are making me ugly.
Anyway, here’s a photo of my blissful son who is so fluffy and better than any stress balls!
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Hope you all are having a great weekend!

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