Don’t Get Too Busy!

The past week has been hell of a week, that working overtime during weekdays is not enough, I need to work on a Saturday, too. This coming week may not be different at all. I used to enjoy working overtime and on weekends, because that means extra income. Well, I actually I still do, don’t get me wrong, but, our body can only take so much; so working overtime, doing errands for my family and taking care of my baby, well, a deep sigh for that.
Don’t worry; this is not a rant post. In fact, this is me looking at the bright side. However, busy and stress my week may get, I am so happy for these moments:
1.       A new branch sprouted from our little tree (that’s it on the photo). My husband and gets super excited and accomplished every time there’s a new branch and leaves on this little tree. I thought it already reaches its limit but still he surprise us with those tiny leaves.
2.       I managed to eat more veggies and fruits this week, and take moderation on my rice intake. The struggle is real!!!
3.       We’re finally executing some of the plans we have for my son’s birthday. There’s only a month left, so help us God!
4.       My son is Popeye! Haha. He likes spinach!
5.       I did almost everything on my list of the week’s priority at work. Yay!
6.       Reunited with the blog that made me want to blog too,  Dessert Comes First. I have a lot of catch up reading on this blog!
7.       My son’s reaction to the word “brilliant”. Watch it here; and I’m sure you’re stress will melt away, just like it did mine.
High five to all you smart and hard working people. Happy weekend!

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