Mommy A’s Tips on Diaper Rash

One of the biggest concerns we have on Niklaus is his sensitive skin. Adjusting to the world outside the womb was not a piece of cake for him. It took us months for him to fully recover from the sensitivities that the new world has brought his skin. We are really thankful for the regimen that our pediatrician recommended; more of that on this post.
But the really challenging part that keeps coming back and continues to irritate my son is the diaper rash. I am not sure how to share this part without being considered as “oversharing” and again my son would probably kill/hate me when he found out there is a piece in the internet documenting this. For purposes of helping other parents out there, let me just say that sometimes my son would do no. 2 with no traces on his nappy. It usually just stays on his skin which caused for it to be left undetected, therefore, irritating his skin.
My son would get wounds from the rash caused by undetected poo and he would really cry out loud because of the pain, my poor baby :’(. Unfortunately, his usual diaper rash cream was not enough to protect him from the infection. The doctor initially prescribed us an ointment i.e., Mupirocin, to treat the infection and it did work. However, since it is an antibiotic, we can only use it for the prescribed period and the infection keeps returning. The next thing they prescribed is Calmoseptine, it is same formula with our usual cream but with calamine. This one actually works but it is not easy to find and it is only available in small sachet. Why would they package it like that? I don’t know.
So we keep researching and searching on what product we can use, and while worrying about his rash, the changing weather, made his lips chapped to the point of bleeding out. Thereby, adding to the list of our worries.


Looking for the safe product for his lips, since he’ll probably just swallow everything we put on his mouth, we narrow down the list to organic products and that’s when we found GIGA’s head-to-toe Baby Balm.
It is an excellent head to toe balm. It contains shea butter, beeswax, seaweed extract, aloe vera extract, lavender oil, vanilla oil, ginger oil and vitamin E, all meant to moisturize, tone and soothe the skin.
It’s a solution that hit two birds in one stone. Luckily, we already used some products of GIGA (Fun Fact GIGA stands for God Is Good Always), so we’re comfortable with the brand. The baby balm is only Php175 and worth every penny. We bought the first one months ago and I think we’re still a month away from buying the next one.
As a diaper cream, we applied the baby balm before applying our regular diaper cream. For chapped lips, we apply it directly, I actually try it first on my lips to check the taste and if it will moisten my lips. It soothes my lips but I didn’t quite like the taste. We also used it for minor scratches and they would heal leaving no marks. I may not like the taste but it actually smells good.
The other products we tried from GIGA are the essential oils and massage rub cream. I would love to try more of their products, what have you tried and recommend for my next purchase? Comment below! Thanks!

2 thoughts on “Mommy A’s Tips on Diaper Rash

  1. yup effective nga Calmoseptine, hirap lang ng stocks nila. Actually, cloth diaper recommended ni pedia, di lang keri magmaintain nung yaya ko. haha

    thanks Meg, that's also our prayer! 😀


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