Dear Niklaus | Day One


Today, I decided to write you more letters. I should have done it on the first day you arrived in our lives but wasn’t able to so I’ve got a lot of catching up and running down on memory lane from day one to six months.

You were an excited little fella, arriving to our lives two weeks earlier. My labor was not as terrible as I’ve expected it would be. Thank God and thank you for crying out loud right after you went out of my womb. What a great relief to know that you’re alive, breathing and crying out loud.

I would like to share with you this funny story about your dad. Luckily, he was allowed to be with me in the delivery room, so he saw all the action and the hardwork in pushing you out. Aside from giving support to me, the reason I want him to be there was to document that big moment in our lives and one of the best days in my life, your arrival. But he got struck with your marvelous arrival and just stared at you. Good thing, there were plenty of nurses who knew the drill and they immediately informed him that he can start filming and taking pictures. You would probably laugh out loud when you see the videos your dad took. I did!

I could still remember the feeling when I first saw you even from afar, I know tears were about to fall from my eyes but then I saw your dad cried out of his joy in meeting you and I kinda have an inside laugh because of that. You were so small, pink and fragile. At day one, you have impressed me in ways unimaginable, you were able to crawl on me and get your first supply of milk.

We were separated for a few hours after delivery, so the doctors can check you further while I am recovering. After that you stayed in my room and slept beside me. From then on, I know that I want to be with you always, to watch and guide you as you grow into this world. I know I want to be the best mom for you, to be your playmate and buddy, your bestfriend and your number one supporter.

I love you Niklaus! I thought I have felt so much love when you arrived, but every day you prove me wrong, there’s more love I could have.



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