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Week In Review

This has been a challenging week for my family and I (which is why I decided to write this post), mostly because my nanny took a day off in the middle of the work week. So all that I had planned for the week was disrupted; good thing, she’s gone for only a day.

Aside from my nanny’s leave, for this week, we tried a different routine, too. If you’ve been reading my blog before, you’ll know that my routine involves of going home every lunch time, to join my son for lunch and give him a bath. Due to the heavy traffic in the metro even at lunch time and love of mother earth, we decided that I don’t go home at lunch. But to avoid any drastic changes that will surely affect the little human, we do it in baby steps (which it actually did). So we decided that two days off from going home at lunch is a good start.  This slight change already affects my son’s sleeping pattern, but I guess this is for the better.

This is also my second week on my diet and working out, managing my time is really a challenge these days especially on an empty stomach (not) and body pains. Haha! I’m proud to say that with each day of working out, I can feel that I’m getting stronger and that my stamina is coming back gradually. The diet part is where I’m failing, my thoughts are killing me. I would wake up each day, thinking about the list of food I want to eat. Totally not helpful, you weak mind!

Look at Niklaus, joining me for gym day! He is so curious about the threadmill.

Last week, I managed to plan my son’s weekly focus of learning. I am trying my best to do it in Montessori ways but really need some more research and motivation to achieve it, and time to do all of that. For this week, our focus is shooting. What I’ve prepared are the following: shooting a ball in a basket, shooting shapes in a shape sorter, and shooting a lid in a bottle or cup. Since I’m not a stay at home mom, it’s a struggle to ensure that this will be achieved. But I’m trying my best to get my nanny and my son fully on board. So help me God!

May I just say that waking up these days is a struggle, I always feel tired and sleep deprived, even if the little human slept through the night. But all in all, I could say that my week was productive as a career woman, a mother and a blogger.

How about you, how did your week go? It’s Saturday, I’m supposed to be sleeping in and getting some rest, but I’ve got a mountain of laundry to attend to. Adulting first, then I can rest later.

‘Til the next one!



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