Dear Niklaus | Fourteen Months

This letter is actually a week late, because last week was pretty jampacked and honestly I couldn’t have a list of the new fourteen things you love in this age. So I’m going to freely write my heart out. If you’ve read my letters to you, you would know by now that I’m proud of being called your mom. Each day that you are growing, you do things that made me proud of you even more.

This month, I can see your little personality budding out. And, I love you even more. I hope you also love the person you are becoming. Just to give you an idea of who you are now (this is based on my perspective and I might be wrong and biased so bare with me), you are the sweetest little boy , the excitement in your face every time I get home from work is just pure joy (like in the first photo below) and the hugs, oh your hugs melt my heart and all the stress I had from a day’s work. Every time you hug me, it seemed like the whole world outside of us became invisible (your dad can attest to this). You are the world to me and I am to you.

But at this age, I am even prouder to say that you’re going out of your comfort zone to be with other people. You’re getting more sociable, ‘nak! You’re also turning into a foodie like mom and dad, I was so worried before if you will not inherit this from us, but seems like in your the right track. Haha!




I also want you to know that you are an independent boy, you do things you could on your own. Hoping that that includes holding your own milk bottle. Haha! This can be blamed to your wild curiosity so I’m giving you a pass for now. Did I say your very curious? Yes, you are. And, that’s a great thing. I hope you continue to be curious until your olden days.

Okay, there’s a lot of things I want to tell you ‘nak. And, everyday I try to tell it to you too. My prayers for you every day is that you will stay healthy, happy and curious. I pray that you will always feel loved and love the world and people.


I love you always.



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