My husband and I love hanging out and talking over coffee, be it in a fastfood chain or a coffee shop. Of course, the latter was preferred for a much better ambience and coffee. This weekend, we discovered a new place to dine in. It’s the Tiny Teapot Bakery Cafe, located at 126 Pioneer Street, Mandaluyong City which is a few minutes ride from our house.

The cafe is very inviting, with its open kitchen showcasing the baker from kneading and making the bread (as seen in my featured photo). I really love the simplistic architecture they did for the cafe, keeping some ruined parts of probably the old establishment that was once stood there. So here is my review of this place:


The place is mostly mirror walled and since we went there for brunch, the place is well lit and cozy enough. It got two parts, the inside where there is good air condition and the outside which is an open covered are surrounded by plants. With a baby, of course, we ate inside. These are what welcomes us, framed quotes, that tea section with those lovely tea set (I really want one of those), a view of the plants outside, the baker making bread and those delicious looking pizza (we haven’t try it so I can’t know for sure).



They offer freshly baked breads from pandesals, pan de coco, spanish bread and a whole lot more. They also have an all-day breakfast, freshly made pizza, sandwiches, pasta, Filipino snacks and coffee and other hot drinks and cold beverages.

This is what we ordered.


Chicken Tocino for the hubby (Php119), Beef Tapa for me (Php129), spanish bread for the little human (Php15 each) and coffee with extra refill (Php65)IMG_8881.JPG

I almost forgot to take pictures of the food because the tapa looks yummy, it was love at first sight. And, it didn’t fail me. It was a love at first bite too, it is soft, a little bit sweet and salty. They also did good with the scrambled egg, it’s creamy and not oily. The servings are enough and I think they are priced reasonably. I also tasted chicken tocino, which is equally good as the tapa, its not that sweet which is what I like and I can still taste the chicken.IMG_8886

For the spanish bread, we all had our portions. You can see from my son’s photos below that he enjoyed it, he actually ate one all by himself. I love that it’s only Php15 for that size and it’s not hollow. I most especially loved the filling which is not that sweet. It is best eaten when heated.


The crew are all smiling when they deliver us the food and the serving time is actually pretty fast too. They didn’t charge any service fee which is a plus. I totally appreciate that they are keeping the place clean even to the stand of the chairs. Nothing is left unnoticed, great team Tiny Teapot!


We had a little photo shoot, thanks to these instagram-able spots they had. I really want a garden in my patio like the one they have in the photo below. Insert heart eyed emoticon.




And yes, you got it right, we absolutely love this cafe. We’re giving it four stars out of 5. Just a concern, we just walk to get there, and I hope they can propose in the local government to put a pedestrian crossing in front of them, to ensure the safety of their customers.




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