The Good Wife

My journey to personal re-branding involves improvement on me as a wife. When I decided to become a mom, every cell in my body committed to it, they scream, think and act like a mom (not that I’m an expert at being mom, though). I have committed all of me to become a mom, so that’s when I realized where the problem lies; along the way I have forgotten about my role as a wife. My husband has been very understanding that I’m adjusting on this new role but I just can’t use that as an excuse to not be a good wife.

This realization did not come to me easily, and when they did, I had the hardest time accepting it. I thought all along that by keeping the house clean and in order, making sure that our meals are planned and served everyday, taking good care of my baby were all enough. It was not, well my husband has said nothing about this, but he need not to. I am also a party to this relationship and I know when something’s off. We’re not fighting or something, but I know I’m not paranoid when I say this, but the spark needs to be ignited again.

Day by day and little by little, I tried ways to add some good friction and ignite the spark again. And, I really think it’s working and that he is also returning my ways.

July is his birth month, so I felt so pressured to give him something really good. We have this inside joke that, “our relationship was not defined by the gifts we give each other”, but really we just both suck at gift giving, especially him. I really had no idea what to give him that will make him the happiest. Also, I don’t have enough budget to go extravagant. And, as always when I asked him what he wants, it’s still PS4.

So, what better way to be extravagant without costing my pocket to cry is to do what I do best (or what I think I do best); I wrote him a heartfelt letter. Just a little secret, he cried over it. Sssshhhh!


But that’s not where the surprise stops; I decided to buy him little things he need. To add a little fun to my presents, I decided to not give it to him directly but placed them (yes, them, I bought two items and packed them separately) in spots when I know he will open only during morning preparations. I tell you, he was happy as a kid.

We both work that day but I planned to treat him for dinner. But then, you know work calls in, and I got home at around 9 in the evening, ruining everything I had planned. Added to that was my yaya was out for the weekend, so that was an extra challenge for me to make out for being late. After tons of household chores, I couldn’t put myself to going out so I just cooked him spaghetti that they both (little N and him) enjoyed so well.

Sunday capped off my presents to him, specifically that vanilla halo-halo. Oh it’s so good!!! Like a forgot-it’s-his-order-kind-of-good.

Well that’s all, I just really proud of my progress (lol) and also in the mood to document it and share it with you, maybe for some inspiration.

‘Til the next one.



P.S. Had the hardest time thinking on the title of this post.


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