10 Gift Ideas to Mommy A

It’s my birthday in a few days, ugh, I’m turning a year older. Haha! Most of the time when people ask me how old am I, my mind would always answer 25 in an instant, for two years now. Silly mind!

Anyway, my husband asked me on the first or second day of August about what I would want to receive for my birthday. So I’ve come up with this list.

From left to right:

Gift Ideas 1
Source photo: Absorbent Mind, The ABC’s to Hand LetteringApron, Name cut-outs, ABCs cut-outs, Mat
  1. ABSORMENT MIND by Maria Montessori, I’ve shared with you before on this post how I had a weekly plan for my son’s activities. I actually tried my best to follow the Montessori principles on it, but it’s not easy especially because I’m not always at home with him all day. Maybe this book will clear my mind to be a better Montessori mom?
  2. THE ABCs OF HAND LETTERING by Abbey Sy, or a workshop on hand lettering in Calligraphy. I really want to try it, everyday I would scribble some words using the lettering I know or copy some from the internet. But, they are all so ugly. Haha! Is this a talent or a skill? Hope it’s a skill so I have a chance on learning it.
  3. MATCHING APRON or just one for me, I’m still struggling to keep myself dry when washing my hands at home. Haha!
  4. ALPHABET CUT-OUTs, I know this may look like a gift for my son, but I’ve seen some cut-outs that would be a very good room decoration and of course a good material for my son.
  5. NAME CUT-OUTS, for Aizha, Joel and Niklaus? Haha! Same as the alphabet cut-outs this will be a perfect decoration to our room/house and a learning material for my son. Hitting two birds in one stone.
  6. WATER-PROOF MAT, this one would really help me keep all the mess in one place and would help me be more environment friendly meaning less use of paper towels. Another plus is their very cute design, unfortunately, I couldn’t find anything locally and this is already price-y without considering the shipping fee. Leave a link if you sell this and you’re Philippine based.

    Gift Ideas 2
    Source photo: Coffee Press, Baskets, Rack, Yoga Outfit
  7. SUCCULENTS, or any indoor plants. I’m currently a mom to three plants, I want more babies, a garden of it, too. 
  8. FRENCH COFFEE PRESS, our coffee maker machine broke. And, I don’t have plans to buy a new one as it took up huge space in our kitchen, and I have a very tiny one. Besides, I only need brewed coffee during weekends so  coffee press would be perfect.
  9. BASKET/ ORGANIZERS. I know I’m not the only one obsessed with baskets as organizers, right? I would really love to go to Dapitan arcade to buy some basket organizers. Yikes, too excited!
  10. YOGA/GYM OUTFITS. Yes, I’m working out again and I need decent gym clothes!

Feel free to comment in the section below if you want to be the giver of any on my list. Haha, thank you in advance!



P.S. Giving you an idea how happy I would be if I receive any or all of the items above in my featured photo.

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