26 to 27


So I’m 27 years old now, UGH, gives me chills just typing it. Haha. I know it’s just numbers but most of the time it got me thinking on where my life is now and who have I become, now that I’ve reached this age. Don’t worry, I’m not going to talk about that “mid-life crisis” thing, just want to list down things I’ve learned over my lifetime, tried to come up with twenty six since I’ve been in this world for those number of years. The list is very random and hopefully still makes sense at the end. Haha!

1.       People always have a reason why they do things but no one said it has to make sense (well at least for now, I guess).

2.       There is always something new you can learn, so never stop and never get tired of learning (I am always the happiest every time I learn something).

3.       Never compare yourself and your life to anyone. There will always be something better than you, so instead of focusing on others achievements, focus your energy on improving you.

4.       Always be grateful on what you have (I believe this is one of the key to true happiness).

5.       Self-confidence can take you very far, so always believe in yourself.

6.       Never settle for anything less of what you deserve, if you believe it, fight for it.

7.       In relation to no. 6, be careful to not feel entitled to anything. The world does not owe you anything, if you want something, work for it.

8.       Ergo, always keep a humble heart.

9.       Assume that there is always goodness in everyone (definitely not an easy one, especially with what is always on the news).

10.   Patience is a virtue that you should always bring with you.

11.   Once in a while, we will all meet difficult people who will annoy us to the extent unimaginable, but remember that these people, however, difficult they may be, will teach you something really important, for me: its patience and empathy.

12.   Difficult people and situation also taught me how to rise above; the way to deal with them is to rise above them and the situation.

13.   Newton’s third law is: For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. I believe in life this is also very much applicable. Whatever action we take, there is always a corresponding consequence.

14.   Emotional intelligence is equally (or sometimes more) important than IQ.

15.   Exercise or just have some regular physically activity (this is another important key to happiness and it’s based on science).

16.   They say you are what you eat. Per WHO, the leading cause of death globally is Ischaemic heart disease which is mostly caused by unhealthy lifestyle. So if you want to be healthy, eat healthy!

17.    It is never too late to start something new. I really admire people who are not afraid to pursue their hearts desire, even when some people, find it too late for them.

18.   Surround yourself with excellent people, they are contagious.

19.   Time is gold, one of my pet peeves is time wasted.

20.   Whatever time you spend with your family is never a time wasted, be it just lying around and watching Netflix (okay, maybe not too much of Netflix).

21.   They say never burn bridges, I say go ahead; especially if that bridge leads you to nowhere good.

22.   Try to always find to time to be quiet and be on your own.

23.    Read books, if you don’t have the patience, well, time to start working on that.

24.    I have always longed to have my own person (as popularly defined by the tv series Grey’s Anatomy, a “person” is someone who will stop anything to be with you, will never judge you and always be on your side, even on your darkest side), I guess expecting one person to be all of that is too much, I myself can’t be all of that to a friend, (especially now, except of course to my husband and son) so now, I’m more than happy to say that I have friends who can fit the criteria. As they say, the more the merrier.

25.   Always try to be a blessing to others, even if it’s just smiling to them, it may mean the world to some.

26.   When in doubt, love. The world is already filled with so much hatred, so spread love as much as possible.


IMG_0617 (1)

Wow, I did it, I really didn’t believe I could make it to 26; turned out, I actually kind of have a lot more to add. Tapping myself on the back now, I did learn something and still thirsty for more!



P.S. I made sure to include my son on the photos, hope the cuteness help you go through the list way easier. These photos were taken on my birthday during lunch while my son is sending me to my Grab on my way back to the office, and yes I didn’t took a birthday leave this year.


12 thoughts on “26 to 27

  1. Hindi rin ako nag birthday leave last year haha. Pero this year, parang gusto ko 🙂 I really love the burn bridges learning. I said goodbye to some people because I know it’s the right thing to do. Wah, the books, I need to go back to reading asap.

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    1. I’m still struggling to find silent time to read books din, especially with a lot of chores and the long list of other things! I’m currently reading a young adult book but it’s taking me ages to read hat should have been a one day read. hahaha

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  2. Pansin ko lang, kapag ganto na yung age bracket natin ang dami na nating natututunan tapos naiintindihan na natin yung mga bagay bagay. Sobrang importante sakin yung mga sinulat mo din dito kasi nalearn ko lang yan lahat nung nag-26 ako. Life changing and liberating siya. Nakakatuwa. 🙂 Babalik balikan ko tong post mo na to kapag nababaliw baliw na ako, lakas makahimasmas eh. 😀

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