Dear Niklaus | 15th month

I know late again, I actually planned on not writing you any letters for your fifteen months. But this month, there are just so many new things about you that I’m so proud to share to the world. I’ve actually come up with 15 new things about you, so here goes a list (and yes, I love lists):


1.       You have learned to show courtesy not only to your parents but to people you just met. In the Philippines, one customary way of showing respect is to “mano” the elderly. Here is a video of Niklaus showing respect.

2.       This is my most favorite, voluntary kiss from you. So kilig!!!

3.       You’re playing with other kids na!

4.       I love that you and your father are getting along so well. Another kilig moment for me.

5.       So, it turned out, you are a bit of a jealous and protective over me, hahaha especially when your dad shows some affection for me.


6.       Gosh, you’re very talkative! You would just blabbed away in different voice levels, sometimes may tili pa.

7.       Oh, you finally give it a try and learned shooting. Just one day, while watching you from work, you grabbed the court and the shoot the ball. Now, you’ve been practicing everyday.

8.       From a walker, you are now a runner, a fast one too!

9.       Oh my God, I don’t know how and where you learn this from, but you now know how to ask favors and tell if you want something. Like this one time when we’re at the mall, you want this toy and you suddenly gave me your sweetest smile then you keep pushing the toy toward me.


10.   I thought before it was just a coincidence that you react every time we talked about you, but you really know, you react every single time.

11.   Since, you have six teeth turning seven now, we started brushing them and you easily got the hang of it.

12.   You cried on one episode of Peppa Pig where “George” (the baby brother) cried. Is this you showing empathy? You can relate with them na, you used to laughed at them when they cry you know.

13.   The toy in no. 9 is actually those beads toy like the ones in abacus but in different shapes. The ones in the mall was overpriced so we didn’t buy it at the time. Will definitely buy one, promise!

14.   You love chocolates and lumpiang shanghai!!!

15.   I can see that you’re growing up to be an independent boy. You play on your own, you can play with other people even when mom or dad is not around. There was this one time when I brought you to office and you suddenly walk away from me, and you just played with my other officemates.


Oh Niklaus, you’re growing up so fast. Sometimes, I just wish I could hit a pause button so I can catch up with you. And, I’m just happy that you are growing up well, you’re a healthy and happy baby who looks like a little boy na.

I have a lot of things to improve on so I can catch up with your growth, thank you for your patience on these past few days. I haven’t been planning your meals well so I need to get back on it and be better at it. I haven’t fully prepared your environment the Montessori way as I would want to. But, I know the environment you have now, gives you enough freedom and control to be your own person. I just need to inject some new things because I can see you getting bored. Haha!


I love you Niklaus!



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