Fashion Friday: Ruffles


Starting off September with a BANG!

Ahhhhhhhhh! It’s ber-months again, countdown to Christmas has already started in the local news channels and season’s related things are everywhere. I’m sure you’ve already started with your nice or naughty list, haha! Okay that’s enough for Christmas, there is still a lot of days for that.

Anyway, I’m starting the ber-months here on the blog with this Fashion Friday series wherein I will feature my styles, try out fashion trends and some tips that I learned the hard way from my changing body sizes. Lol. This is my way of pushing myself to dress up! These days I found myself getting the most comfortable thing in my closet without sometimes thinking about how I would look. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, but I believe that looking good will help you feel good, too.

So on to my first look, featuring the Frill/Ruffle Skirt. I was very excited to style this up once I received it. This skirt in particular is very flattering, it’s a kind of a wrap around skirt wherein the front overlaps each other giving an effect of that sexy peek-a-boo thing without being too revealing. The frills just made the perfect icing to an already moist cupcake. Oh look at that! It just falls perfectly (but, it took me a few minutes to actually decide on how to tie it up haha)

So the skirt has already a lot of details going on with it, so I made sure to keep everything low-key. I paired it with my laced-up cropped top in white, simple yet still playful which still complements that skirts vibe. Since I will be with my son and that means lots of chasing, I made sure to wear sneakers. I didn’t want to lose my girl-y look with wearing a pair of sneakers so I wore my pink suede tassel earrings which glams up the whole look a lot more.

IMG_0816This mini photo-shoot was on the weekend of my birthday and my mother-in-law treat us to hotel buffet for her own birthday. What a stroke of luck!


I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed writing it. Now off to chase my son.

‘Til the next one, see yah!





6 thoughts on “Fashion Friday: Ruffles

  1. The only few minutes that you want to have a photo shoot but your kids just can’t stop ahaha

    Cool skirt and great post to start the Ber months!

    Looking good makes you feel good too, that’s true. I’ll be posting about this too maybe some time later….not about fashion really but about feeling good 🙂

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