Count Your Blessings

This post is supposed to be published in August but my yaya decided to not show up and just advised us now. Anyway, my boys are still asleep so I finally got to have another down time and think clearly. I should probably still be joining them but my mind is just everywhere and writing will help keep it together. These are the times when you know you’re happy but you are just too tired and preoccupied to even feel the happiness.

So here I am again making yet another list of things I am grateful for. As they say, happiness is focusing on what you have rather on what you don’t have. So I’m focusing all my energy on this list. There are so many good things that happened in August, and I just have to stop and be thankful. Here you go:

I celebrated my birthday with my family


These moments are what we worked hard for, yeah?

Little N finally got a haircut

Look at him, he’s like a boy na! We decided to cut his hair in time for a passport appointment. I am really grateful for Peppa Pig. Niklaus was very difficult at the first part of it but when we played Peppa, he became so behaved. Haha!


I finished a book. Yay!


The start of my urban farming.

Fingers crossed. There was a sad story behind this onion plant, there used to be a succulent on this pot and my yaya killed it. Huhu, this onion was actually planted on another pot. I don’t know what happened, I’m too emotional when I found out my succulent died so I wasn’t able to ask her. Good thing, this onion is growing really well.


Chika time with CJ

CJ is my best friend in the office and one of the godmothers of Niklaus. So happy that we found time in our busy schedules (mostly hers. haha) to have dinner and make chika. She also gave me tons of gifts, a stainless steel cup from Starbucks, a yoga mat, an eco bag and chocolate kisses. She’s the most generous and the sweetest.


I said YES to a better opportunity!

I took a leap and said yes for more challenge and better opportunity for my family and of course, Niklaus. I’m really excited about it and nervous as well. But I know in my heart, this is the best!


That would be all, my boss is awake! Don’t forget to count your blessings!



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