A Beautiful Ending

Today is my last day of work from a company where I spend most of  the past four years and eight and a half months of my life. I thought I would be emotional because I was a bit at the time I decided to tender my resignation. But I am not. Today, I’m just blissful and grateful. It’s not that I don’t feel any emotional attachment to the people I’m living, I think for those years I have created good bond with people and have gained friends that I’ll keep for life.

It’s just today, I feel light and ready for what’s next for me.

When I decided to announce my departure from the company, I was very worried with the team I will leave behind; with the work that I would pass on. So I messaged a good friend of mine who recently had the same experience because doubts started to fill me. And, this is what she told me:

“Are you happy with your decision?”

“I answered, Yes but I’m really worried for what I’ll leave behind”

“She said she also felt the same way” and she told me this:

“You’re not selfish because you’re leaving them (dahil iiwan mo sila); you’re just prioritizing yourself and your family. That I did my part and will not leave them abruptly but will still make sure to hand-over my works to them.”

“Just think of it as an opportunity to your colleague, it’s time for them to step up.”

It really helps me feel better. It was what I needed to hear. I know I made the right decision, for myself and for my family.

During my turn-over to my colleagues, it makes me happy to unload my work and pass it to them. For I know that they can and will be to handle it. I know they will be handling an extra load but I know this opportunity will help them grow more individually and professionally. I hope that’s how they will also take it.

So like my title says, endings don’t need to always be sad; it can be beautiful and happy, too. As endings may lead to new and better beginnings. Like it did to me. 

May you have a happy ending. ☺️





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