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Fashion Friday: Slip on dress over a shirt

Last weekend, we attended a kid’s birthday party for Niklaus’ cousin; it was his first attending one. But I’m not going to relive that moment here, maybe in another post. So my mother-in-law has imposed a theme for family which is embroidered outfit or anything with patch. Since, this gave me a reason to buy new clothes I wanted to comply. Unfortunately, there was not enough time for me to buy new ones that will fit my budget and my style.

Luckily, I remembered I have a dress with embroidered butterflies on it. Another but, it has a cut-out on the back so it was not quite appropriate for kids’ birthday party and I wouldn’t be comfortable to wear it just as it is. Wearing an outer wear would also not work as it would cover the butterflies.

Oh I thanked the person or group of people who started this trend I’m featuring: the slip on dress over a shirt!!! This is probably my most favorite trend. It gives an extra set of outfit to a dress and adds an extra drama or character to any dress. I’ve been styling my sleeveless dress or top this way; and I couldn’t feel any cooler and chic-er. Haha!

This is what I did to that bare-back dress I have. I paired it with just a white buttoned down to balance out the lively color of the dress. This outfit has a bit of a preppy girl vibe, which I love. I paired it with sneakers, which make me feel really cool and young. Do you agree?





Here’s a boomerang showing the back of my dress.


Here’s another look, this styling made me wear this very revealing blouse. It made me feel really chic and I think I’ve achieved the look I was looking for which is a “cool mom”, yeah? I wore this to whole day of trick or treat last year.


I really think fashion is one of those industries that has no rules, so is styling this trend, but what I’ve notice in mixing and matching for this outfits is that you have to be careful for these two things, if you not want to look avant garde: (1) the neckline, I think this is very critical in pulling off this style, the neckline of your shirt and dress should complement each other, rather than being the same and (2) the color, as with any paired outfits, always think of the complementary colors in color wheel.

That would be all, enjoy the mix and match. I’d love to know what you think of this trend.



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