Fueled by Meat

Long time no post y’all. Oh how I’ve missed writing and blogging! Being a newbie is making me so beysee with learning all about the new industry, the business, processes and dealing with new people. It was both fun and stressful!

It definitely had a big effect on our daily routine. I also decided to make an adjustment last Saturday on our weekly routine, I did the cleaning then instead of the usual schedule which is during Sunday. My body is super exhausted with waking up so early, getting stuck in traffic, meeting new people and doing household chores. I just want to have a full day of rest (well, after doing the laundry in the morning); that and because of the power cut. Adulting is HARD and expensive, if I may add. Haha!

So, as a reward to all of us, for going through all of that, we decided to dine out for dinner on some place near our home. It’s so good to have new restaurants sprouting near our home. At first, we went to Pioneer Market along Reliance St., but their food are quite overpriced; Pioneer Market is like a food park with AC system. So we decided to move on and try out the new restaurants located at the lobby of TV 5. Between ramen and grilled meat, our meat lover hearts won. Roadsters PH it is.

It was definitely love at first sight and first bite. Oh, just look at the color and texture of that ribs! I cannot look without craving for it. Best decision made over the weekend. Haha!


My husband ordered their signature burger, and of course, I had bite. It was really juicy and tasty!


What we love more is they give freebies if you ordered any of their main dishes, post it on the gram, tagged them and hashtagged it #FueledbyMeat. Free onion rings for the win (but, actually it was a bit salty for me)!


Aside from the food, we also loved the vibe of the place, especially Niklaus, he loves the red light, the wall art and the TV! I also commend their staff for an excellent service and clean area. The one that served us even gave us tips on how we can avail of their latest promos. Will definitely avail of those promos as we will surely be back!

Try them out and book via Booky to avail a 50% discount!







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