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What better way to start my week right than to accept an award from a fellow mommy  blogger and an old friend, Meg of Nocturnal Mom Talks. I am always grateful when someone read my posts and even grateful when they think it is deserving of an award. So, thank you so much Meg! Check her out and get yourself entertained, amused and informed in her mommy stories, how-to’s and personal tips on living life sweeter. 🙂

As a form of acceptance of the award, I need to answer 3 questions from Meg. Here it goes:

1. If you could choose a different name for yourself, what would it be and why?

  • There’s a lot of names that comes to mind for my first name because mine was just too unique. I still cringe a little everytime someone call me using my real name. Haha! Well, to be fair, it has advantages, like having no hit in NBI. But, it’s just too unique I guess, and I personally don’t think it fits me. Anyway, if I had a choice to pick my own name at childbirth, it would be either Alessandra or Amanda, so my nickname would either be Alex or Mandy. I would also love a second name but I can’t think of a perfect match right now. 🙂

2. Who is your role model?

  • I don’t have certain persons in mind. But I really look up to people who practice humility even in the most comfort of their life, like those who have maintained a simple lifestyle in spite of their big paycheck and status in life. People who are experts in their field but never felt entitled for anything. I guess, these are the things I want to improve on, it’s hard to be caught up in the material world. And, I thank people who have these qualities to keep me at my feet.

3. Is there someone you hate? Why?

  • Again, no one in particular. I try to clear my mind of negativities and bad emotions as it would consume me; and I have a lot in my plate right now that focusing on my energy in hating people. I guess, I want a less stress, more happiness life. I’m still easily annoyed and hurt, but I have my son to thank for learning to forgive more.

Hope you get to know some side of me with my answers. Not sure if I need to nominate someone, though. But really enjoyed answering those three questions. Thanks again Meg!



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