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Fashion Friday: Sporty Chic


Yay, fashion Friday is back! I have been busy with work, life and I’m actually still a bit sick today. But that will not stop me in writing this post. Oh I’ve missed sharing tips and pretend to be really good at styling. Haha!

Anyway, I present to you my take on sporty chic. I’ve been obsessed with this style for quite sometime before but really didn’t believe I could pull it off. I guess you just have to keep on trying to find the click in a new style.  Now, voila! I really felt pretty cool in this outfit and I think other people think so too, they gave me “stares” (or maybe they just find me weird, anyway, what I think is more important).

In this outfit, I just throw in one of my circle skirt, a high round neck sleeveless top, a hoodie and a pair of very comfortable running shoes. The key in this style is comfort, and bit of girly-ness. Think of a gym outfit and replace one part of the outfit with a girly piece of clothing and you got sporty chic. Easy, I know. So what are you waiting for, give it a try, and let me know how it goes, yeah?

Honestly, wasn’t planning on having an outfit shot for this look but really felt good with it and the mall decorations really help to amp up my outfit.



Have fun styling ladies!



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