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Chubs Chasers


Hello there! Here’s another food adventure courtesy of a protein filled and Instagram-worthy restaurant, Chubs Chaser. So where do I start?

Well, of course the food. Here’s what we ordered:

Baby back ribs with mashed sweet potato, beans and tomatoes on the side. The sauce is their own recipe, too. These ribs are on the sweet side, so if you like it on your steak, these are perfect for you!

Tapsilog with pickled onions and seasoned vinegar. The serving for tapsilog is busog lusog ­čśů. I love that they paired it with pickled onions, it complements┬áthe tapa┬áso well. Just an fyi, It is on the oily side but it is to be expected for a traditional Filipino breakfast, so I’m okay with it.

Pesto. I find it bland for my taste, I’m all for the strong basil and garlic combination in a pesto. But it’s not that bad and we actually originally ordered it for Niklaus so I guess it’s just enough for a baby’s tastebud.

Mango Graham Cake. There’s nothing special about it, just your usual mango graham cake. Haha! I actually wanted to order fried ice cream but it’s not available at the time. I think I will be happier if that’s what I had for dessert.



I did mention that the place is instagram worthy right? Well, whenever you look they have it covered: the ceiling, the tables, the walls. Love the modern street style decorations they have.




All in all, I will give it 3.5 out of 5 ÔŁĄ´ŞĆ.



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