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Fashion Friday: Trick or Treat 2017


Halloween is my second most favorite holiday, next to Christmas. I always look forward to dressing up my son and previously my nephews. Back when I was a child, I can’t remember being a part of any trick or treat activity. I think what we have back than were horror stories told by my cousins and Philippine scary stories courtesy of “Magandang Gabi Bayan” haha.

Now that I’m a mom, I, we always try to be creative in my son’s costume, we even planned on coordinating our outfits. But, it’s still a plan that never happened. Boo me! Anyway, as always, my son attended two trick or treat activity, one in my office and in my husband’s. I can’t even remember why we were not able to look for costumes this year, but I think we look but not hard enough, and ended up buying an overpriced panda costume. He’s so cute, and it’s all that matters!



I tried to matched him instead by wearing black and white outfits.

On the weekend before the actual Halloween, I had a quick DIY costume for him. Can you guess who?




And, I tried to have a DIY costume for myself, too, with whatever I have in my closet.

Do I look like a mime? My husband kept saying I lack the gloves and white make-up. Haha! Oh, well, need to amp our next year’s Halloween outfits. Any suggestion?

How do you spend Halloween? Love to know! 🙂


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