One of my favorite bonding with my son is reading books and it has been one of my goals as a mom to have my son enjoy it as much as I do. Ever since he could see clearly, we would read books to him. But at that time, he did not give so much attention to it. Fast forward to today, it always gives me a smile and touches my heart every time I see him reaching for a book and flipping through pages on his own. Sometimes, I would see him going through all his books looking like his finding and carefully selecting which book he wants to read. Aside from that, when we read stories to him, he would attentively listen to it. One of my favorite sights!

These photos are taken by his teacher at daycare.


Because this moment has given me so much happiness, I want to share with you what we did to ignite that interest in my son:

  1. We read him books everyday, it’s usually before bed time. I think as with everything, our little ones learn from repetition.
  2. Reading has been a family event in our tiny home. Everyone has a role.
  3. When we read to him, it’s always a performance level. I think this is the most important part. If we need to make animal sounds we would, or if there is a verb we would act it out.
  4. We never force reading to him, instead we show him how enjoyable it is and thankfully, he appreciated that.
  5. Always have fun and pick books that also interests your son.

Got new books for NIklaus, looking forward to reading it together.  The truck books and ‘Are you My Mother?’ book are all from an online bookstore, HappyTreePH .

I know this is still an early age to determine whether my son would really be into books. And, I’m still looking and researching on ways to instill this interest in him. In any case, I am proud of this moment and I’d love documenting these moments for future reference.

How about you mommies, how do you keep your kids interested in reading? Hope you can share some tips. Thanks!


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  1. Agree ako sa performance level. Hehe. Syempre kailangan kasi maging interactive yung reading habit just as when they play para makuha yung interest nila. With my daughter, our first books were mostly about animals since yun ung interest niya. May mga nabii kaming books na may sounds at Php150 lang. I believe it helped catch her attention. I use to let her watch on the laptop to keep her busy until I realized na it’s getting too much. Ngayon, we bring books in the car whenever we go out para malibang siya habang biyahe. We also let her choose the books she likes. At one, marunong na siyang mamili. Haha

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      1. Hehe if you’re familiar with Booksale, doon. They sell books from other countries at low prices. Some are I think used but in really good condition and maeenjoy ng kids. 👍🏻


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