5 PRACTICAL TIPS ON BLOGGING.jpgI honestly am not an expert on blogging, I still consider myself as a newbie even if I’m blogging for almost two years now. Haha. With those two years of blogging, I have learned a thing or two about blogging. Actually, I am sharing five practical tips I learned that keeps me going and maybe got me my more than fifty followers. I used to have two, so that’s a great achievement for me in my blogging. Here it goes:

Draft your post outside the platform

I know it’s obvious to do this. But I guess if you’re creative juices is overflowing, you just got to write those thoughts down. I really draft my posts in word first and copy it to wordpress, but because, I was outside and I don’t want to forget about my thoughts, I wrote it in my wordpress app on my phone. I was wrong, I should have written it instead on my notes, because when I view it on my laptop, my draft was not saved. #Lessonlearned

Niche is really important

I am one of those bloggers who cannot decide on which to focus on. Initially, I created my blog to document and inspire others on my styling, I still do. But, I also want to write about the good food I ate, now my motherhood journey, sharing tips on what made my life easier, my relationship, personal branding, things I love and the list can go on. As I go along and plan on my posts, I realized it’s hard to have a wide focus, it may seem being free to choose on the topic you want, but eventually, it would feel like your lost in a sea of ideas. So I guess, having a wide focus in the beginning would help you on determining what you’re most comfortable of writing but when you find it, be sure to stick on it. Does that make sense? Haha it does to me. 😊

Schedule a time in drafting posts

One of the most important thing in getting things done is to make time for it. Need I say more? Haha. This really works for me, with the long lists of to-do’s I have in work and in our house, allotting time is crucial so I’ll have another post for you. But, it’s also noteworthy to not be hard on yourself if you have not followed your schedule. Especially, if you’re a part-time blogger, I supposed, blogging is your outlet and stressing yourself about not being able to post is conflicting.

Don’t forget to take photos

This is probably a reminder to myself especially when we eat out on a new restaurant. I always end up regretting not being able to have photographs of the good food we indulge in or not taking any outfit shots. I still need to work on my blogger instincts, I suppose.

Be a good member of the community

As with any social activity, if you intend to influence and inspire others with your blog, you should be a good member of the community. Especially in social media wherein we only know one another virtually. This is still another point of improvement for me, but I’d say I have improved ever since. Grateful to the supportive community here in wordpress.

If you have some tips on blogging, feel free to share the link. I would love to read them and learn from you. Thanks!


mommy a


      1. It happened gradually. At first, I did two posts per week, one for each one. But now I have a post 6 times out of the week on average for Inside Cup, and at least three to four posts for Peeking Beneath. I write 9-11 posts weekly. 🙂 Once I figured out a weekly schedule, and which types of posts go on what days that really helped me.

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