Niklaus’ Christmas Wish List


I really had a lot of thoughts if I would still publish this post. But since, I made an effort and gave some time curating the list, I decided to give it a go.

So, I’m making another wish list for the benefit of families, friends, ninongs and ninangs who would love to give something special to my son this coming Christmas. I tried making this into groups to give you a lot of options and also providing some links on where the items can be bought. Just for clarity, I really want N to enjoy your gifts, it would be a waste not to; but some gifts we received before were mostly packed away, either he doesn’t want them or they are not safe for him or it is not aligned as to how we want to raise him. Thank you in advance and we love you!

Montessori materials

Ever since I learned the benefits of Montesorri, I’ve been injecting it in our home by preparing his environment and moving to materials that are educational, practical and triggers my son’s curiosity. Here are some items that will be a good addition to our home:

These wooden meal set, rainbow stacker and truck are just lovely. I’m sure Niklaus would love them. (Photos and these three items are from Seed Studio Toys)

Wooden clock and wooden telephone, Little N loves to play with our actual phone and loves the tick tock sound of a clock. Below are a threading apple and wooden handyman set. He loves figuring out how things work and I think these are all helpful on that area. These materials and photos are from Mom and Milly.


One of our favorite bonding moments in our home is eating. Haha! During meal times, we instill in Niklaus on staying on his chair while eating but because he could carry his current chair, it’s been a struggle. So, really really would want to buy him this chair (it’s not in my budget, so I’m including it here). This chair could actually be turned into a table. How cool and practical is that!

cube chair
Cube Chair from A Little Montessori



As you may well be aware of, Niklaus loves books and it’s been one of another favorite bonding in our home. Check this post for some of Little N’s collection.


Since, we have given N a long name, I think starting early on learning how his name spells would really help him. Haha! Honestly, I just love this cut-out names from A Little Setter.



Niklaus is the most comfortable when lying on a bean bag. I don’t know why I can’t find one in the malls that we’ve been to. Just found one online from A Little Setter.

bean bagg.PNG


Niklaus loves music, his current favorite songs are “How Long” by Charlie Puth and “Slow Hands” by Niall Horan. We actually had a toy guitar from Cebu as a pasalubong from one of my friend but I just found out that Niklaus bit the lower part. Aside from that, we have a xylophone and battery operated 2-in-1 drums and organ. He would play them all.


We need a new one! Our current mats are peeling off. Huhu! It’s so unsafe to a toddler. Actually, I’m interested in investing on a foldaway mat but it’s just way expensive for me. Haha. Still including it on the list, there may be someone who would be generous enough to give it to my son. Mats and the photo are from Foldaway Philippines.


New clothes are always welcome, too, he’s size is now that of a two year old, so just in case. I hope I didn’t sound demanding, that’s actually the reason that’s stopping me from posting this. In any case,  this is just a guide. We would be very grateful for any gifts and of course prayer for my son’s well being. Thank you and advanced Merry Christmas! Ho ho ho!


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