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Fashion Friday: My Php350 Floral Outfit


Yep, you read that right, my outfit only costs me Php350!!! That’s a Php100 blouse and a Php250 shorts, how cool is that. If we are to consider my accessories, Php150 for the tassel earrings and Php499 for the slip-ons, that is still less than a Php1,000. Hooray!

Who says dressing up should be costly? Haha. Anyway, I wore this floral ensemble to my good friend’s bridal shower. I love how comfortable I am in my outfit, but still feeling all stylish and sexy at the same time. That and without hurting my pocket and sacrificing my son’s milk. Haha!

Anyway, my top was bought from a bazaar near us and my denim shorts was from the store Overruns located along Brixton St. in Mandaluyong. Tassel earrings from Trinkettes PH and my slip on which I am head over heels on is from Penshoppe. I totally need new pair of earrings, especially now that Christmas is just a few days.

This outfit can be worn in a casual party with friends, too. What do you think? Love to know!



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